When I’m not working on me or a friend’s plumbing or roofing, I love to read. One of the big topics I love to read about it :


It’s a huge issue today, and I need to stay informed. I hear many giving up on their diets, saying that there are too many out there, or they settle to hard for one. I have been educating myself my whole life on this topic, and have been settled on one way of eating for a long time. It’s not easy, or simple, at first at least, but it’s the only way I would chose to live my life, and even the Navy Seals, some of the most well-trained and researched elite military groups in the world, are smartening up to this.

It’s called ketosis, and most would think it’s insane, but at my age, if you saw me, and I refuse to put any photos of myself up online (call it informed paranoia), then you would be in deep denial not to admit that I knew a little something most people in this country don’t. It’s a high (healthy) fats diet, with a little meat and fish, lots of fats, and a good portion of vegetables, along with a few other things.

It’s a slow healing process, not a get-healthy-quick scheme, like many crook doctors love to advertise. It takes time to “adapt” to burning fats for your energy source, but god does it feel good. I sometimes guiltily wonder if I might live forever, going the way I do. People ask me all the time what I do, and it never fails to amuse me when I see the looks on their faces after I explain. Still, there is a lot of false information out there about how to go into ketosis. Some of the best resources I know out there include this ladies youtube vlog:

I also like Jack Kruse’s blog, but he talks more about deeper, crazier topics, that are a bit difficult to follow. All to say, as I always say, health is a serious game that we all need to learn how to play. In all fields, from finance, to technology, and to health, the world will be going through some major booms, revelations, and Armageddon at the same time. I am more well informed then most, and it may be an exaggeration, but the world is in an interesting place right now, none can deny. To your health!

Work on this life of yours, it is not yours, it is but a gift. Love it with all the energy you can muster, with trust and humility. Get involved in your community, learn to appreciate it. Do not run away or escape it.

I have always found that building a home is the most rewarding thing to do, building a little world for a life, or for lives, to rest and grow inside of. My friend Harry, and the guys at Atlanta Buckhead Roofing (I was asked to reference their new website), my nephew’s company, we can spend all day working, and we don’t get tired quick, because we are rewarded deep inside, for this work. It keeps us going, wanting to give.

There is so much interest in physical pleasure, or religious glory. Calm down a little and learn to be a simple human being, on this wild space rock. It has reached the point that some people I know need medication to sit still, or not feel like they need to talk all the time.

A doctor friend of mine once told me that he knew the cause of cancer was simply overstimulation, from sugar, and too much stress, chemicals in our air and food and high frequencies from technology. It only makes sense, since cancer has spiked in the last few decades.

All to say: the point is to love life, simply. Show it you love it: learn about it, get involved in it, encourage it in all its forms. This is what I learned in the army.



Once again, this is a boring topic to most, but a priority for anyone who wishes to feel vaguely fulfilled. We are intrinsically connected to the world around us. The people, the land, the place we live, are all clues to how we are inside, how much care and appreciation we express towards ourselves and others.

Many are distracted by big dreams. They travel on their parent’s hard earned money, or go for get-rich-quick schemes, or fall for excessive sex and drugs. Yet, they forget their locality – their home and environment, and their family and friends – their community.

This is where you will find success. Once you can fill a need in your direct surroundings, even if its just your health, your finance, or a loved one’s health and/or finances, you’ve just taken the first baby step towards being a real person. Take every lesson you’ve learnt from this, and re-apply it again and again, learn, and re-apply, and maybe you’ll find yourself, before you know it, having constructed a structure of friends.

Make your home a haven, and the gratitude you receive will be enough – yet you tend to make a lot more than simply that along the way.

Responsibility is the alert, just like pain, where you have to direct your attention, and take care of something. Clean your house, eat a healthy meal, say thank you to a friend for someone they once did, or simply for their presence. It gets easier the more you do it.


I believe that firearms will no longer be useful in the future. They are part of a period of our development, that will either destroy us, or give us a good, hard lesson. For now, I do enjoy taking a few shots on the range here and there – not to be confused with encouragement. I don’t mind a basic rifle or pistol, but folks these days are all loaded up with assaults and shotties. It’s all too much, in my old eye.

As I talked about in Violence, the male ego has inflated proportionately to his prostate, and that is far from a good thing, in both cases. Big guns, big cars. Must I really reiterate all this drivel? It has all become so cliche. Money is a good thing, when funneled into the health, prosperity, education and longevity of the many, but now with so many of our expenses covered, most see no greater purpose for their cash than to overflow and splurge on the most petty of things.

I repeat; a home, a car, good food, and a couple of toys are wonderful things, that make us good, happy people, so that we may reflect a good presence onto others.

Back to guns, in this crazy world, I understand the need for protection, but the devil isn’t coming a-knocking. Get yourself a couple of pretty pistols, and leave it at that. The best form of security is not having a jail-bait home, or getting involved with the wrong people.

I just keep to myself, socialize regularly with my construction buddies, have a couple of beers, and do some carpentry work. I’m content, my friends are content, and nobody bothers me.


Hatred is misunderstanding.

I’m not sure who said this, but a quote I love is, and I’m paraphrasing: “If you fully understand a person, you cannot help but love them”.

In this case, I will make something clear; love should never be confused with tolerance. Anyhow. I have a difficult time truly understanding hatred itself. Oh, the irony. The only behavior I ever tend to harbor resentment towards is hatred itself.

Many feel hatred towards others for their religions, their appearance, their race, their personalities. Those are all products of the person’s experience and environment. We do not chose where and to what parents we are born. That is an unfortunate reality, I believe, and one that, for the time being, we must accept, but it is a matter of logic that showing hatred, speaking behind others’ backs, and speaking ill of one another is bound to have consequences for all.

If you wish to change others, try to understand them, or lead them away from their ways indirectly by example. Hatred has no use in my life. I do what must be done. If someone is being an idiot, I will call them out on it, give a good reason, and hope that they learn. I feel no hatred towards fools, only sympathy, because I realize that I contain elements of stupidity, like all men and women.

We will understand one another once we realize that we would, in most cases, do the same as others if we were in their shoes. As my good friend Harry likes to saw, “go build a chair”, that’ll distract you and save you some money on top of it!

I do love quotations, here is a website I enjoy for reading those :


American culture loves violence. We have been raised increasingly in an environment that puts focus on violence more than cooperation and harmony. Life has built our brains in a way that danger grabs our attention first, before we notice the good in life.

Good is normal, good is a bore.

It doesn’t stimulate or excite, and stimulation is addictive. We have a culture that constantly tries to find things that have one foot in comfort and the other in stimulation. These two are important, but only small parts of many, all of which are equally necessary to all.

From a young age, most men go through a period where they feel all-powerful, and start to play out and enact their dominance over others. Even in peaceful communities, boys, usually just before their teens, will start to pretend and role play, firing imaginary guns made of sticks at one another yelling “you’re dead! You’re dead!”.

This is natural, but many tribal cultures around the world realize this to be signs of potential danger : the male ego going rampant. This is the cause for the practice of trials of manhood. It’s not to prove one’s strength, but to experience near-death.

This allows one to realize their own mortality, and their fragile place in the context of the ecosystem, one that they should respect. We no longer have this. Thus, men are growing up unchecked, growing up wanting to show off their prowess and their power over the world. What better way than to end another “so-called” equal’s existence?

This is unsustainable conduct and must be cut out. Many today take life for granted and live lives of numb monotony, completely unaware that for most of history, man had to exist in tightly knit communities in which, if only one member overstepped their place in nature, could mean the end of several lives.

There is nothing pleasant about violence, and should only be acted in cases of necessity. It is glorified in movies, such as those by Tarantino, which are fantastic films, but we must never kid ourselves into thinking it is anywhere as sexy. And even if it was, that’s only a fleeting taste that means nothing in the context of your life. Violence is a poison that we must grow to tolerate only in the proper dose.

About Me

Hi. Let’s get right to it – I was an elite marine in the American Navy, and now, I’m done. Having retired from the Navy Seals, an experience I am both incredibly grateful for, yet especially completely regret, and seen the power of the internet, in growing businesses and reaching people, I thought I should share some of my thoughts on matters close to my heart.

I can reach a couple of people, and they can reach a few more. They say that everyone of earth is six acquaintances away. It’s quite true.

There is a lot of good and a lot of bad in this world. The issue is that most are complacent and simply accept this. They say that it’s simply the way it is, so they let life push them around, and they go with it. No.

We must become more aware of what we are doing, how it affects other, no matter what race, creed, religion, or country they come from. Everything that affects others’ quality of life, will eventually affect ours. It’s a simple rule.

When someone hits you, and you hit back, they’ll just want to hit you back again. It’s ridiculous, it’s childish. We’re all overgrown children, spoilt and brat-like.

Anyhow. I am now retired, living an easy life in Buckhead, GA, spending my time reading and building and fixing things with my sons. If I sound boring to you, or if I sound like someone you’d rather not read, then bugger off – and learn to enjoy simplicity.

This is my Academy of Simplicity – beaten into me from retirement after a difficult couple of decades.